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We are all acquainted with the navy color– the darkest Blue in its basic form that appears almost black. (Interesting truth: Navy obtains its name from the British Royal Navy’s uniforms and is related to uniforms, gown apparel, and various other conventional sartorial choices).

But there are various other attitudes and “individualities” associated with the color navy, as any expert Interior Designer/Decorator will agree. It’s obtained crucial visibility that is also really versatile, seeing that it can adjust to many color schemes, no matter room or decorating style. Its dramatic shade quickly records the eye, causes lighter and brighter colors to pop, and is famous for coastal, classic, and contemporary designs.

Yes, navy’s advantages are aplenty; however, bear in mind that this bold tint must be used in proper proportions and well balanced with various other shades to make your room/home job. Besides, you can’t simply repaint a navy living room or navy cooking area and anticipate it to get 100% style-wise.

Yet that brings us to the inquiry: how do we make the navy operate in our houses? And also, extra notably, what are the colors that go with navy?

Let’s learn which hues are made for coupling with navy blue-based systems.

1. The background of the color navy

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DecorbuddiBar & Media Room in Family Home


Ever since navy blue gained its name from the British Royal Navy back in 1748, it has been connected with all points worthy (similar to purple, which was also considered a “royal” color in the past). And also, its style power has not transformed. The navy color remains to turn up in more color palettes, particularly nautical ones (best of luck attempting to style a coastline home without using any Blue!).

But of course, an all-navy color palette would certainly appear silly. So, for some visual charm, let’s see which colors enhance navy blue finest.

2. Hues that go with navy: Whites

A Navy Situation homeproc Modern living room

Any person that’s ever seen a snow-white mountain comes to a head amid dark-blue skies will quickly recognize why navy and white go smashingly with each other. Out of general neutral hues, white is a traditional high-contrast companion that somewhat triggers the deep-sea tone.

So, what produces that mean for navy blue in your house? It indicates you can select white-painted furnishings, textiles with white surface areas, as well as breezy sheer curtain panels in a stark-white colour. However, of course, you’re not restricted to just navy blue; try one of this fabulous color’s various other comparable hues, like cobalt, admiral, lapis, jeans, or peacock.

If a much more beachy, Caribbean-style look interests you, select blues closer to the eco-friendly side of the color wheel to enhance your whites, such as aquas and also blue-green.

French farm home blue Auspicious Furniture Country style kitchen area Wood Blue

3. Hues that opt for navy: Brights and naturals

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Know what other tones can brighten a moody navy? Lively colors stand out right away, such as terra-cotta, lime eco-friendly, lemony yellow, orange, coral reefs, etc. Notification just how these are all tones discovered in nature!

We advise bringing in floral fabrics with navy paint dancing alongside leafy eco-friendlies, cornflower blue, daffodil yellow, and carnation pink for a garden-fresh home appearance.

For a vibrant maritime appearance (whether for children’s bedrooms or mature areas), combine red and white with that bold Blue.

homeproc tip: Visit fabric- or wallpaper stores to see exactly how they pair up their blues. Look for patterns that incorporate navy blue with other colors in a fashion and proportion that attract your design.

4. Shades that opt for navy: Neutrals

Tiny Stripe Navy Bedding Set Secret Linen Store BedroomAccessories & decor Cotton Blue

That does not want their house to flaunt a relaxed look? Mother Nature certainly does– look outside to see how often she pairs dark blues with various other colors for a refreshing style.

We’ve already developed the popularity of stark white. However, there are most definitely various other selections in the neutral world. And you can not go wrong with whitewashed block, seaside tints, black furnishings surfaces, straw-hued wicker as well as rattan accents, and concrete-grey kitchen counters complementing a navy blue.

To stress color differences, you wish to pick neutral devices and lighter or much darker materials than a room’s navy blue finishes and furnishings. This will ensure that your whole space enjoys attention, regardless of which contrasting colors you pick.

5. Choosing a wall surface color with navy furniture: Transition suggestions

SS16 Style Guide – Coastal Elegance – Bedroom LuxDeco Country style bedroom Blue

An area with navy furniture is nice, but it’s certainly not the end of your color scheme. Look to the existing wall colors throughout your house for a corresponding hue. As an example, if your house’s interior is mainly covered in a medium off-white tone, think about repainting the walls bordering the navy blue items the same color. Or pick a color that’s a few tones lighter or darker than that beige for a unified color change in between your indoor areas.

In especially open-plan rooms, smooth color circulation is vital.

6. Selecting a wall color with navy furnishings: Enhance the mood

Park Up cooking area table Loaf KitchenTables & chairs.

Wish to draw attention to your beautiful navy items? Allow your wall color the opportunity without turning to only navy paint!

A tool or light blue tone will guarantee a monochromatic color scheme with a restful ambience. You can even add a touch of bright sunlight with pale yellow walls. If you desire a low-profile backdrop to display your dark blue furniture, pick simple wall colors like luscious cream colour, hardly beige or hazy grey.

And to highlight mundane navy blue furniture pieces, opt for different electrical wall colors, such as lime green or vibrant tangerine.

7. Picking a wall color with navy furniture: Style suggestions

Moroccan Tiles Pixers Colonial style living room Blue.

In your mission to establish what colors go with navy, you will encounter a household of tints that collaborate naturally with navy blue furniture to create particular decorating styles. As well as raw white is just one of them. While crisp off-white wall surfaces are ideal for a traditional enhancing look, paint those wall surfaces a powder blue to generate a casual nation flair.

As well, naturally, a lighter color on your wall surfaces will make the space appear more visually prominent, particularly considering that it’s dark-colored housing furniture. However, on the other hand, a dark shade on the wall surfaces can make an ample space feel cozier…

8. Choosing a wall surface color with navy furniture: Practical pointers.

Modern Living Room homeproc Modern living space Bricks White.

Take a coordinating textile swatch or paint chip of your navy blue furniture to a neighbourhood paint shop. Obtain three or four example paints of your favorite tones and take them house to try on the wall surfaces. Then repaint about 900cm ² examples of each color on a solitary wall surface. Preferably, choose a wall surface that obtains both shade and sunlight to see how it changes the color throughout the day. Make sure to inspect just how the fabricated source of lights affects those swatches during the night, as well.

Relocate some of your navy furniture pieces besides those repainted examples, as well as staring at them for a few days. Remove your least favorite shades, buy the single color you select, as well as have at it!

9. Depend on navy for dramatic style in a tiny space

The Big Blue Pixers Modern design bedroom Blue.

We know you’ve been shown to keep dark colors far from small spaces. But the ideal shade, like navy, can make specific a vibrant try to find a tiny space, even more so with the altering light and shadows discreetly changing that royal blue appearance all day long.

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