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Styling up your outdoor area includes considerably greater than choosing garden benches. When it pertains to patios, the materials are essential, and not just for look’s purpose. Your outdoor patio surfaces need to be functional along cosmetically pleasing. As well as those surface areas’ product options

Narrowing product alternatives down, we exist with six standard options. Nonetheless, you finish with these materials that can give your outdoor area some presence and aesthetic style. However, what figures out which products are picked above others? Generally, it’s based on:

  • – personal preference
  • – patio location
  • – budget
  • – dimension of an outside area
  • – readily available alternatives.

So, before you start dreaming concerning outdoor patio furnishings and where you’ll be putting those potted plants, let’s initial zoom in on your option of outdoor patio surfaces.

1. Outdoor patio surface areas: Concrete

We are discovering a patio surface material much more versatile and versatile than concrete would be rather challenging. A timeless selection, this material is a mix of sand, water, concrete, and gravel and supplies much more options than brick.

By utilizing sound kinds, concrete can mold and satisfy nearly any type of surface area shape. Its long-lasting and also easy-to-maintain finish can be:

  • – Smooth
  • – Stamped
  • – Brushed
  • – Scored
  • – Coloured or colored
  • – Decorated with inlays
  • – Painted
  • – Surfaced with various other materials, such as pebbles (accumulation).
  • – Patterned.

2. Outdoor patio surface areas: Brick.

Thanks to out-of-the-box thinking countless years ago, it was found that brick was the outcome of blending clay and also other materials in a kiln. Called among the most challenging materials available, brick likewise lasts quite an extended period, plus presents a neat and timeless look that complements the various landscape and architectural designs.

And obviously, it is one of the most preferred options for patio area surfaces, including pathways and edging.

3. Patio area surfaces Flagstone.

Back yard outdoor patio with climbers Barnes Walker Ltd Rustic design garden.

Barnes Walker LtdRear yard patio area with mountain climbers.


. These vast, flat slabs of rock are generally between 25– 75mm thick, identifiable by their varying forms. With a roughened as well as wonderfully distinctive surface, Flagstone offers outstanding traction when damp.

When it pertains to using Flagstone for patio surface areas, the flooring needs to be at least 38mm thick and ought to be laid straight on dirt or a bed of sand. Thinner slabs can likewise be made use of if laid in concrete or damp mortar to stop cracking.

4. Patio area surface areas: Pavers.

Nation Garden, Chew Manga Katherine Roper Landscape & Garden Design Country-style yard.

Katherine Roper Landscape & & Garden DesignCountry Garden, Chew Manga.


An extended period ago, concrete pavers were just offered in off-grey and grim pink squares, which resulted in a somewhat scientific appearance. The good news is, times have changed. Today, pavers exist in a range of more natural-looking colors and textures, indicating they can be used to resemble anything from brick and rocks to cut rock.

5. Patio surface areas: Tile.

Reflected Glory – Holland Park Renovation Tyler Mandic Ltd Modern yard.

Tyler Mandic LtdReflected Glory– Holland Park Renovation.

When it overcomes outdoor patio flooring, it’s advisable to make use of unglazed ceramic tile. Instead, leave the glazed decorative ceramic tile for edges and also accents. Glazed ceramic tile has a smooth surface, as well as when it gets wet. It can produce a slippery, unsafe atmosphere.

Typically, there are three kinds of unglazed tile for patio surfaces.

– Porcelain: Fired at a high temperature, these floor tiles are tarnishing immune and also demanding.

– Terracotta: These are rustic looking, however absorbent, and also ideal for moderate climates.

– Quarry: Textured ceramic tiles that supply grip without too much roughness.

To secure outdoor tiles from stains, wear, and wetness, sealants and coatings or enhancers are suggested. These will certainly also help in retaining or improving their all-natural color.

6. Patio area surface areas: Cut stone.

Narbonne Avenue Clapham Bolans Architects Minimalist style garden.

Bolans ArchitectsNarbonne Avenue Clapham.


Like Flagstone (although typically cut into square or rectangle-shaped shapes), the cut stone is also called ‘rock floor tile.’ Thanks to its geometric form and format, reduced rock is used for more formal applications than unequal natural Flagstone. It provides smooth faces and square edges and can be stocked even rows or spaced apart, with a ground cover or loosened material loading the spaces.

Rocks, or rock blocks, are additionally referred to as Belgian blocks. Cobbles are typically used in remote locations or as bordering for various materials, like brick, granite, or natural Flagstone. Some of the most popular choices are.

  • – Granite.
  • – Marble.
  • – Slate.
  • – Travertine.
  • – Limestone.
  • – Bluestone.
  • – Phyllite.
  • – Sandstone.

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7. Patio area surface areas: Loose products.

Crushed rock and also water yard area Jane Harries Garden Designs Mediterranean design garden.

Jane Harries Garden DesignsGravel and water garden area.


Although loosened materials were purely considered for side backyards or tiny areas, they have come to be quite stylish for contemporary outdoor patio surfaces. They are especially preferred in the regions that experience dry spells, as several house owners opt to change parched grass with even more water-wise alternatives, such as loose materials. Relatively economical, loosened products are likewise one of the simplest choices to collaborate with.

A few of a lot more popular instances consist of.

  • – Pea gravel or crushed rock.
  • – Aggregate rock.
  • – Bark compost.
  • – Rubber mulch.
  • – Decomposed granite.
  • – Sand.

8. Patio surface areas: Mixed products.

  • Low Maintenance Garden Cherry Mills Garden Design Eclectic design yard.
  • Cherry Mills Garden DesignLow Maintenance Garden.

Indeed, when different products are combined and also matched, that’s when a surface begins to flaunt some detail and also character. Combined materials are also excellent for separating a prominent location, making even more visual passion than utilizing just, state, cut rock, or brick.

The combinations of blended products are genuinely limitless, yet one must devote careful preparation to a patio area’s design before making a decision. Several of the most preferred options include.

  • – Brick.
  • – Concrete.
  • – Flagstone.
  • – Pea crushed rock.
  • – Pavers.
  • – Tile.

Taking flooring choices and prices right into consideration, see these Budget-friendly ideas that’ll change your outdoor patio.

Extra patio surface areas: Tropical vibes with outdoor wood patio.

Emerald Green Street Residence, New Orleans studio WTA Modern houses.

studioWTAEmerald Street Residence, New Orleans.


For outdoor patio surface options, you could look to something unexpected, like timber. This petite exotic paradise resembles the perfect place to relax in your room. The patio is basic and trendy in dark timber products. While this patio area is small, the plants and white outside furnishings offer it a modern look while likewise making it feel like a cozy haven. If you do have a swimming pool, guarantee that you pick a product that can hold up against chlorine deposit, climate condition in your location, and won’t be as slippery for wet feet.

  • A lot more patio surfaces Luxurious dark timber as well as rock.
  • Rustic style home in Sant Josep De Sa Talaia CW Group – Luxury Villas Ibiza Villas Bricks Multicolored.
  • CW Group– Luxury Villas IbizaRustic design house in Sant Josep De Sa Talaia.

This home seems like a lavish hotel with its bright white outside and patio with a sweep of dark timber around the swimming pool. We enjoy the contrasting look, which feels both modern and classic. This contrast additionally aids to separate the area as well as offer form to the backyard. To expand your outdoor patio options, take into consideration dividing your outdoor patio right into sections or locations and utilizing different materials or textures. This can aid in separate bigger yards.

Currently, for those of you with small backyards considering pool options, we can assist you in finding the appropriate fit– look into this guidebook.

  • Extra patio surface areas: Chic ceramic tiles for practicality and also design.
  • Metcalfe Architecture & Design Minimalist terrace, veranda & terrace.
  • Metcalfe Architecture & & Design.

These tiles not just look lovely, they’re likewise one of the most valuable materials for a location with a firepit. This will minimize the risks related to open fires. Floor tiles can look either modern-day or classic, relying on the appearance you’re going with. When you’re considering patio products, make sure to evaluate precisely how frequently you’ll use the outdoor patio and also wherefore functions.

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